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Physical Therapy by NovaCare

Postural Health

Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright, fighting against the force gravity while standing, sitting or lying down.


“Arthritis” can be multiple things; the term "arthritis" is a formal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease.


Fibromyalgia is the second most common condition that affects your bones and muscles. Yet it's usually misdiagnosed and rarely understood.

Shoulder & Neck Pain

The shoulder and the neck are very close muscle groups and a weakness in the shoulders can easily effect the functionality of your neck and vise versa.

Concussion Management

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that is caused by either a direct force/blow to the head or a force transmitted through the body to the head.

Work-Related Injuries

We're pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate with  employers, case managers, payors and insurers to provide a comprehensive program focusing on returning to work.


Ergonomic Programs focus on evaluating a specific work environment and job tasks to identify risk factors

Auto Injuries & Whiplash

Whiplash is a term that describes the violent and intense motion of the next flying back-and-forth – like the cracking of a whip.

Chronic Muscle Pain

Sometimes, just getting through the day at work is agony, and basic movements cause terrible pain. This is where our physical therapy can help.

Parkinson Treatment

Parkinson's Disease is a chronic an on-going disorder that effects parts of the brain.

Sport-Related Injuries

We are the industry-leading Sports Medicine Program that is tailored to meet the physical demands of athletes.

Post Operation Recovery

Physical therapy can start anywhere from a few hours to a few days after surgery and in some cases there may be a period of immobilization following surgery.

Carpal Tunnel

CTS is due to keeping your wrist in an extreme position for long periods of time, as well as a lot of use of your figures, especially if there's a lot of force or vibration.

Fall Prevention

Have you fallen down in the past or are you falling down more frequently?  Yes, old age is a factor but there are steps you can take to help prevent a serious life altering fall in the future.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Believe it or not there are many known foot conditions that many people do not know about. Learn more here.